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Undergraduate Degree Completion Program

When you finish your bachelor’s degree online at Boston University, it’s an accomplishment that delivers immense personal satisfaction. Of course, adding the BU name to your resume also offers recognition and reward of its own.

Why choose Boston University’s Undergraduate Degree Completion Program?

Convenient, flexible, and rewarding, the fully online UDCP develops lifelong critical thinking skills, hones rhetorical acumen, and promotes active citizenship and leadership, culminating in a bachelor’s degree from one of the most trusted names in higher education—Boston University. Not to mention, graduating from BU’s world-class institution opens the door to a vast alumni network and endless personal, professional, and intellectual opportunities. Choose Boston University to finish your bachelor’s degree online and graduate with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Who should choose a liberal arts degree?

A liberal arts degree in interdisciplinary studies lays the foundation for a variety of educational and professional pathways and demonstrates a well-rounded understanding of the arts and humanities, social sciences, and fundamentals of science. If you value learning for learning’s sake and do not want to confine your interests and passions to any particular discipline or area, the liberal studies major is for you.

Whether you want skills you can apply in the workplace or an open inquiry into diverse subject matter, BU’s liberal studies program is a time-tested and relevant way to expand your knowledge base. In as few as 30 months, you can earn a degree that will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you seek.

This flexible, challenging program is designed for you to:

  • Engage in interdisciplinary learning in the classical and contemporary liberal arts with a detailed study of particular themes and disciplines
  • Develop critical thinking skills through extensive analysis and synthesis of subject matter
  • Acquire rhetorical acumen through writing and discussion
  • Foster active citizenship by applying the liberal arts to the professional and public spheres
  • Pursue learning for learning’s sake

To apply for the UDCP, you should have completed 52-64 undergraduate credits from an accredited institution.

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